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Breyta Behavioral Health helps children with autism improve their ability to access the world around them by acquiring new skills that increase their quality of life. Parents and families are critical partners on this journey!

ABA Therapy

Boy With Tutor

In-Home Services

Breyta clinical team members will travel to your home to deliver our therapeutic services.


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Social Skills Integration

Breyta helps individuals with autism integrate into society by helping them improve their social skills.

Two Girls

Community Integration

Teaching individuals to optimize their personal, social and vocational competency to live successfully in their communities.


Group Learning

Pre-Teens and Teens

Specialized treatment for pre-teens and teens focuses on milestones that include emerging personalities that continue into adulthood.


Boy With Tutor


Research has shown that Telemedicine can be effective in delivering meaningful ABA training to parents of children with autism.

From the comfort of your own home at a time that works best for you, our telemedicine can:

  • Increase communication
  • Build on your child’s current skill level
  • Decrease problem behavior



Parent Training

Give Breyta Behavioral Health the opportunity to coach you on ABA clinical strategies! As a parent/guardian, you will learn techniques to implement outside of the therapy sessions. Breyta will give you the tools!


Working with my case supervisor was a wonderful experience. I always felt supported by her clear suggestions when troubleshooting new goals and ongoing support in the field. My supervisor also genuinely strives to achieve the best outcome for the families we serve and staff. I felt I could easily communicate any case concerns with her as she carries a high level of professionalism and treats all her staff with respect.

Marilyn Galindez

Working with my BCBA was the most uplifting, usable, and inspirational experience I’ve ever had. My Clinical Supervisor is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional, and the approach comes from a place of truly wanting to help. There are so many good things to say about her as a person and professional, that I couldn’t possibly list them all here; therefore, my recommendation is if you get the opportunity to work with Breyta you won’t regret it

Sheri Libby, MS in ABA

We had a great experience with our BCBA. The care and affection she showed my son and our family made our lives better.  Anyone lucky enough to have a her as a BCBA to work with them is blessed!