Parent Training

Parent Training

ABA Parent Training is Essential to Treatment with Children

ABA parent training is an important piece of any treatment plan when working with children and adolescents. As caregivers, parents are responsible for helping their child learn and develop by guiding them and teaching them skills and behaviors that will help them in everyday life.

Collaborating with Parents in ABA Parent Training

Parent involvement in the treatment process has been found to be a factor that increases the likelihood of positive outcomes for the child (Crockett and Fleming, 2007). According to Gresham et al. (1999) ABA services for children with autism that include parent training result in greater outcomes for the child as compared to services without ABA parent training incorporated into the treatment.

When working with parents, it is important to remember to work together collaboratively rather than in an expert-client dynamic. Parents have knowledge and know the history of their child. This information along with their parental insight combined with the professionals knowledge of effective treatment strategies can be combined in a collaborative manner to individualize the services and create the best chance for optimal outcomes for the child (Albone-Bushnell, 2014).

ABA Parent Training Topics to Address

Some topics that you may consider addressing in ABA parent training include working on these ABA parent training topics:

  • Positive reinforcement – help parents to learn what positive reinforcement is and how to use it in everyday situations
  • Providing consequences – discuss consequences to behaviors and help parents to learn about the functions of behavior and effective consequences to obtain desired behaviors
    Gaining the child’s attention – how to appropriately get their child’s attention before presenting a demand or direction


Research has shown that Telemedicine can be effective in delivering meaningful ABA training to parents of children with autism.

From the comfort of your own home at a time that works best for you, our telemedicine can assist you to:

  • Increase Communication
  • Build on your child’s current skill level
  • Decrease Problem Behavior
  • Reduce Stress by training to use ABA strategies with your children.
  • Prompting – teach parents what prompting is, how to use prompting, and how to fade prompting
    Establishing operations – help parents learn about motivating operations and using the child’s interests in learning opportunities

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