Community Integration

Community Integration

Community Integration & Participation

Community Outing is an opportunity to generalize the child’s learning in a real-life setting. The purpose of doing Community Outings is to take skills from the therapy sessions out into real -life settings to strengthen the skill, expand upon the skill, and/or promote generalization. Community Outings also may be necessary with certain clients if the child consistently struggles in a specific place, such as the doctor’s office, McDonald, or at a playground. To summarize, community participation will allow the child with ASD:

  • To gain new experiences
  • Interact with different people and environments
  • Creates opportunities to generalize learned skills
  • Participate in daily living activities

Examples of community outings:

  • Going to the Park
  • The Grocery Store
  • Restaurant
  • Car Rides
  • Running errands
  • Doctor’s Office

Through evidence-based practices targeted skills can be trained in the community towards the desired outcome.

General Examples of Community Outings Skill Trainings:

  • Money Exchange: Purchasing items at a store
  • Greetings the greeters
  • Community Signs (e.g. identifying community signs)
  • Play skills (e.g. run, skip, climb, bend, squat, gallop, etc.)
  • Eating Skills/ Self Help (e.g. Restaurant)
  • Waiting Appropriately/Transitions (e.g. Stores or Malls)

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